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A summary of the activity of POB Materials Technologies

Published: 10/07/2023

POB Materials Technologies

What has happened in the last three years?

Ultrasonic atomization of functional materials

Published: 02/07/2021

SEM images of <50 μm (a) ultrasonically atomized powder.

More (materials under research) for less (money) – that is an achievement of the researchers at the Faculty of Material Engineering thanks to an innovative approach to the atomization of functional materials. Their research is conducted within the Material Technologies-1 research grant.

In search of new methods of creating composites

Published: 26/04/2021

For the SiC with the 2.5 wt% and 3 wt% of Ti3C2 flakes of much higher thickness can be observed.

One of the biggest defects of silicon carbide, which is a high-toughness material utilised in the machine tool industry, among other things, is its low fracture toughness. Most frequently, composites with silicon carbide matrix are produced to solve this problem. Unfortunately, most materials utilised as strengthening (composites) and increasing fracture toughness simultaneously negatively affect other properties of silicon carbide, including its toughness and maximum temperature of material work. The work on finding an ideal solution to this problem is continuing. 

How can boron compounds help to disinfect surfaces?

Published: 09/03/2021

A photo from a confocal microscope; it displays a photosensitiser entering a microorganism.

The interaction of light and matter is one of the most fascinating processes occurring in nature. Chemistry and physics of photoactive compounds are the fields in which these phenomena are particularly interesting. A team of scientists at the Faculty of Chemistry at the Warsaw University of Technology is working on a new concept of designing effective photosensitisers whose main role is to produce reactive oxygen forms to be eventually used in the process of water purification and in medicine.