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Three years of the activity of POB Photonic Technologies

Published: 10/07/2023

POB Photonic Technologies

Summary at the halfway point

Researchers are working on the enhanced energy yield of photovoltaic cells

Published: 24/03/2023

Photo of photovoltaic panel

Energy is produced from a relatively small portion of solar radiation hitting the photovoltaic cells. The rest is lost mainly as heat. PW researchers are working on a material with a negative refraction index, which will not only eliminate the cell heating but also will allow us to enhance the energy yield.

Tech-Athon 2023

Published: 22/03/2023

Photo of the group of people.

Open call for team members for the marathon of work on practical solutions and demonstrators in the areas of biomedical engineering, photonic technologies, cybersecurity and data analysis, energy conversion and storage.

Increasing the sensitivity, selectivity and reliability of results of biochemical analyses

Published: 06/06/2022

Mateusz Śmietana and his research team.

Scientists from the Faculty of Electronics and Information Technology at WUT are devising a new measurement method which facilitates obtaining highly sensitive, selective and, at the same time, universal sensor, and biosensor solutions. Research is conducted as part of the FOTECH-1 research grant.

A more precise method of observing the microworld

Published: 01/03/2022

Left: a cell visible under a microscope based on light absorption. Right: a cell visible under a phase microscope.

Optical measuring methods are widely used in research on technical objects on a macro-scale or to observe the biological microworld world, among other things. Techniques generating a band image are an especially interesting group. As part of the Photonic Technologies grant, WUT scientists have undertaken to “purify” this image to observe and research the microworld around us even more precisely. 

Describing temporal evolution of soft matter systems with methods of topological structural heterogeneity

Published: 26/01/2022

The structure of topological characteristics of soft matter systems.

In 2017 during laboratory work, researchers at the Warsaw University of Technology for the first time observed a photonic structure in nematic liquid crystals dispersed with nanoparticles of gold. The observation led to the publication of research findings in 2019 in ACS Nano - the upper decile journal. The scientists did not stop their work and continued their research as part of the implementation of the research grant awarded in the FOTECH-1 competition. An article just published in Communications Materials (Nature group) describes this work. 

Scientists at WUT continue research on optical fibre photonic systems based on liquid crystals

Published: 10/11/2021

A scheme of molecular order of cubic structures corresponding with elementary cells of blue phases BP I and BP II.

At present, from the perspective of optical fibre communications, we need further progress in eliminating certain defects of photonic systems under research, such as insufficiently quick response time to the external electric field (tens of milliseconds) and the necessity to use high steering voltage due to a big diameter of the photonic optical fibre (hundreds of volts). Scientists at WUT are working on solving these problems. Their research project is implemented as part of the FOTECH-2 research grant funded within the programme ‘Excellence Initiative – Research University’ implemented at the Warsaw University of Technology.

Terahertz imaging of cancerous tissues

Published: 14/12/2020

Source: submitted

A team of researchers from the WUT and Centre for Physical Sciences and Technology (FTMC) based in Vilnius, headed by Agnieszka Siemion, PhD from the Faculty of Physics at the Warsaw University of Technology, is working on the use of terahertz radiation in imaging phantoms of healthy and cancerous tissues. The research is implemented as part of FOTECH-1 research grant competition.

PhotonHub Europe to support the deployment of photonic technologies in European industry

Published: 28/10/2020

photo credit: PhotonHub Europe

PhotonHub Europe, a new pan-European hub for digital innovations in the field of photonics, with the Warsaw University of Technology as one of its partners, has received EUR 19 million in funding under the EU Horizon 2020 program. The hub will support the development of small and medium-sized enterprises.