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Energy Conversion and Storage

A summary of three years of the activity of POB Energy Conversion and Storage

Published: 11/07/2023

POB Energy Conversion and Storage

Major events since 2020.

Tech-Athon 2023

Published: 22/03/2023

Photo of the group of people.

Open call for team members for the marathon of work on practical solutions and demonstrators in the areas of biomedical engineering, photonic technologies, cybersecurity and data analysis, energy conversion and storage.

A new concept of a fuel cell

Published: 30/08/2022

Distribution before and after using turbulising elements, Mass transport enhancement in a direct formic acid fuel cell with a novel channel design, Jałowiecka et al., 2022,

What springs to your mind when you hear “fuel of the future”? Hydrogen. And how about formic acid? Scientists from the Faculty of Chemical and Process Engineering at WUT are developing a fuel cell powered by formic acid with high stability and increased efficiency.

New technological solutions for electromobility

Published: 30/08/2022

From left: Maciej Marczewski, DSc; Aleksandra Ossowska, BSc; Maciej Smoliński, MSc.

A team of researchers from the Faculty of Chemistry at the Warsaw University of Technology developed composite materials which will facilitate the creation of a new generation lithium-sulfur cell. The research was financed under the IDUB research grant.

Work on algorithms for synchronous reluctance drives

Published: 06/06/2022

Synchronous reluctance motor

The intensive development of electromobility, including battery electric vehicles, motivates scientists including those from the Warsaw University of Technology to research the scope of the application of synchronous-reluctance motors in electric vehicle drives.

Pioneering research on biogases

Published: 26/04/2022

The detonation pipe used in the research.

A research team from the Warsaw University of Technology is devising a method of modeling the detonation cell size in a biogas-oxygen mixture utilizing machine learning. The results of their work are novel in the field of research on detonation. 

Researchers at WUT continue research on sodium-ion batteries

Published: 21/09/2021

A high magnification (100 kX) SEM photo of a nano-crystallised sample with considerably improved electrical conductivity.

Increasingly, Na-ion batteries have generated a lot of interest over the years due to their low production costs and the ease of obtaining raw materials, among other things. Unfortunately, because of their poor durability and unsatisfactory electrochemical capacity, they are still not seen as a reliable alternative to the most popular and expensive lithium-ion cells.  Researchers at WUT are working on solving this problem. Their project is being implemented under ENERGYTECH-1 research grant.

From a research grant to a patent: a multithreaded controller for energy conversion systems in electromobility

Published: 05/02/2021

Block diagram and simulation results for the drive system.

The construction of control systems in power electronic transformation systems employs two control methods utilising a cascade control scheme with feedback from individual object outputs and controllers with feedback from the vector of variables of an object state. And what if these two concepts are merged? Researchers at the Faculty of Electrical Engineering at the Warsaw University of Technology have undertaken this task.