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WUT scientists conduct research that may help in melanoma treatment

Published: 29/10/2021

Sara Larsson (Insplorion AB company) and Swamy Kasarla, MSc (doctoral student at LBIS Faculty of Chemistry WUT).

With a growing number of people suffering from melanoma, scientists worldwide are researching an effective therapy to prevent drug resistance among patients. A team of researchers from the Warsaw University of Technology is also a part of this group. 

Results of the competition for projects aiming to purchase equipment

Published: 28/10/2021

In the competition for projects aiming to purchase equipment, 22 projects will receive fundings.

In the competition for projects aiming to purchase equipment, 22 projects will receive fundings.

BioTechMed_LAB-1 competition

Published: 18/10/2021

BioTechMed_LAB-1 competition

The closing date for the submission of applications for projects aiming to purchase equipment and instrumentation which refer to the research in the field of “Biotechnology and Biomedical Engineering” or related topics fitting into the scope of the activity of the Priority Research Area “Biotechnology and Biomedical Engineering” is 12 November 2021.

"Golden Cyborg" award for the chairperson of CB POB CyberDS

Published: 18/10/2021

Prof. Szczypiorski after receiving the statuette; photo:

Statuettes of "Golden Cyborg" for accomplishments in the development of the information and communications technology industry were awarded during the meeting of the Committee of Electronics and Telecommunications of the Polish Academy of Sciences at the NASK headquarters. Professor Krzysztof Szczypiorski, Chairperson of POB Cybersecurity and Data Analysis was among the awarded.

Free sports activities for employees

Published: 12/10/2021

Zdjęcie przedstawiające trzech mężczyzn.

Sports activities 100% co-financed by the Warsaw University of Technology.

ALICE experiment: progress in research

Published: 08/10/2021

Schematic illustration of available experimental techniques for measuring the interaction among hadrons: a) scattering experiments, b) measurements of energy shifts from the X-ray de-excitation spectrum of exotic atoms, c) femtoscopy in small collision systems (pp) with coupled channel effects shown in green, and in large collision systems (Pb–Pb) with vanishing coupled channel contributions shown in blue.

Scientists from the Faculty of Physics have published in the journal Physics Letters B the latest results of their research on changes in the characteristics of the strong interaction between ordinary matter and strange matter change. 

Consolidation of WUT leadership of the antiprotonic atoms program at AEgIS experiment at CERN

Published: 22/09/2021

Foto: AEgIS apparatus, credit: G. Kornakov

The international collaboration of the AEgIS experiment at CERN has nominated dr Georgy Kornakov, assistant professor of the Physics Faculty of PW, on 14/9/2021 for the Convenership for Physics with Antiprotonic Atoms. This position will be shared with Dr Giovanni Cerchiari from the University of Innsbruck. This nomination strengthens the leadership position of the PW team within the AEgIS experiment.

Researchers at WUT continue research on sodium-ion batteries

Published: 21/09/2021

A high magnification (100 kX) SEM photo of a nano-crystallised sample with considerably improved electrical conductivity.

Increasingly, Na-ion batteries have generated a lot of interest over the years due to their low production costs and the ease of obtaining raw materials, among other things. Unfortunately, because of their poor durability and unsatisfactory electrochemical capacity, they are still not seen as a reliable alternative to the most popular and expensive lithium-ion cells.  Researchers at WUT are working on solving this problem. Their project is being implemented under ENERGYTECH-1 research grant.

Submit to competitions for research grants

Published: 21/09/2021

Three people on the stairs.

The closing date for the submission of applications is 31 October 2021.

Best Paper programme: results

Published: 14/09/2021

57 applications were submitted to the competitions.

In the second edition of the competition, 44 best scientific papers will receive fundings.

Mobility PW programme

Published: 13/09/2021

Mobility shall begin until 31 March 2022.

Under the Mobility PW programme, mobilities shall be financed, i.e., internships and study visits, trips related to learning how to use unique research equipment, trips related to conducting scientific research for a doctoral thesis, participation in summer/winter schools, courses, and workshops. The closing date for applications for the competition I is 20 September 2021.

Teacher grants programme: results

Published: 13/08/2021

Photo of the man and the women who are talking to each other

In the competition for teacher grants, 10 projects will receive fundings.

The internal grant competition supporting an application submitted in the European Research Council (ERC) competition

Published: 11/08/2021

WUT announces the internal grant competition funded by the project ,,Excellence Initiative – Research University”, for the employees of the Warsaw University Technology supporting an application submitted in the European Research Council (ERC) competition.

"I know that together we can make it"

Published: 27/07/2021

Krzysztof Dziedzic, DSc, Chancellor at the Warsaw University of Technology

Since the implementation of an EDMS starts in a few months, a big change is ahead of us. What does this process look like from the point of view of a person managing the administration? How are the employees supported and will it be beneficial for us?  Below there is an interview with Krzysztof Dziedzic, DSc, Chancellor at the Warsaw University of Technology. 

From a working team to process management – working on creating a process map at WUT

Published: 27/07/2021

Warsaw University of Technology

‘Every working team has an assigned moderator or moderators of process management for the preparation of a process sheet (...). Moderators meet the working teams regularly – once a week. In the case of more extensive processes, those are meetings lasting a few hours and taking place a few times per week. After completing work, the working teams present their results during the meeting of the Steering Committee for EDMS,’ says Professor Agnieszka Bitkowska, chairperson of the Team for Process Management. Below you will find an interview presenting another aspect of work on the implementation of the electronic document management system at WUT.

POSTDOC PW: results

Published: 12/07/2021

The photo shows a microscope.

In the POSTDOC PW competition, 10 projects will receive fundings.

Theory confirmed by research

Published: 02/07/2021

A sample extract. The white dots in the middle of the light squares are holes formed after treating the layer with an X-ray pulse.

It seems that we know everything about melting crystalline materials since it is one of the most frequently occurring phase changes involving transitioning from a solid into a liquid. However, that is not the case. WUT researchers are working on thorough research on the mechanisms of a crystalline-liquid phase transition.

Ultrasonic atomization of functional materials

Published: 02/07/2021

SEM images of <50 μm (a) ultrasonically atomized powder.

More (materials under research) for less (money) – that is an achievement of the researchers at the Faculty of Material Engineering thanks to an innovative approach to the atomization of functional materials. Their research is conducted within the Material Technologies-1 research grant.

EDMS (EZD) from the technical side

Published: 02/07/2021

Picture of a keyboard

We are at the final stage of the testing system implementation, and we are preparing formal and legal regulations. (...) At the same time, we are designing the processes on which four project teams are working. This is a huge amount of work, a huge milestone. No one has ever dealt with that so methodically before - says Gabriel Matus, Head of the EDMS project.

EDMS (EZD) in the public procurement processes - the interview with Agnieszka Gawrońska-Chrobak

Published: 02/07/2021

Picture of a keyboard.

EDMS is a tool that is supposed to facilitate work, improve its quality, facilitate awarding contracts, and flexible work with the document. The pandemic made us aware that this change was a necessity - says Agnieszka Gawrońska-Chrobak, Head of the Public Procurement Office.

The competition for projects aiming to purchase equipment

Published: 16/06/2021

The deadline for submissions is 15th September 2021.

The deadline for submissions is 15th September 2021

Teacher grants programme

Published: 17/05/2021

The deadline for submissions is 15 June 2021.

The budget of the competition shall amount to PLN 1,000,000 and the maximum funding within one teacher grant shall not exceed PLN 100,000. The deadline for submissions is 15 June 2021. 

Apply to POSTDOC PW programme

Published: 14/05/2021


The deadline for submissions is 7th June 2021. 

Electronic document management at WUT – an interview with Dr Katarzyna Modrzejewska

Published: 26/04/2021

40 people are directly involved in the project and indirectly much more - over 100.

“The completion is planned for 2025. In the next few years, subsequent processes will be implemented into the electronic document management system (EDMS) in individual stages. The implementation will be gradual, and the first stage will be completed in autumn 2021 in the new academic year,” says Dr Katarzyna Modrzejewska from a management team of the IDUB (“Excellence Initiative – Research University” project) project and the Steering Committee for EDMS. How is the work on the implementation progressing and what does it involve? Read the interview to find out.

In search of new methods of creating composites

Published: 26/04/2021

For the SiC with the 2.5 wt% and 3 wt% of Ti3C2 flakes of much higher thickness can be observed.

One of the biggest defects of silicon carbide, which is a high-toughness material utilised in the machine tool industry, among other things, is its low fracture toughness. Most frequently, composites with silicon carbide matrix are produced to solve this problem. Unfortunately, most materials utilised as strengthening (composites) and increasing fracture toughness simultaneously negatively affect other properties of silicon carbide, including its toughness and maximum temperature of material work. The work on finding an ideal solution to this problem is continuing.