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Published: 19/05/2023

The photo shows a microscope.

In the competition, 5 projects will receive funding.

LIDER POB: results

Published: 19/05/2023

The photo shows a microscope.

In the competition, two projects will receive funding.

An idea for effective removal of a radioactive element

Published: 24/03/2023

Dr Artur Kasprzak

Removal of radioactive caesium salts from aqueous solutions is crucial from the point of view of human health and natural environment protection. High concentrations of the 137Cs isotope have been found mainly in the post-disaster area of nuclear power plants, but the problem with the disposal of waste containing caesium applies to other areas of the world because caesium is produced in routine organic syntheses, for example, drug synthesis. Nanomaterials containing sumanene may prove to be a solution to these problems.

Researchers are working on the enhanced energy yield of photovoltaic cells

Published: 24/03/2023

Photo of photovoltaic panel

Energy is produced from a relatively small portion of solar radiation hitting the photovoltaic cells. The rest is lost mainly as heat. PW researchers are working on a material with a negative refraction index, which will not only eliminate the cell heating but also will allow us to enhance the energy yield.

Tech-Athon 2023

Published: 22/03/2023

Photo of the group of people.

Open call for team members for the marathon of work on practical solutions and demonstrators in the areas of biomedical engineering, photonic technologies, cybersecurity and data analysis, energy conversion and storage.


Published: 22/02/2023

DEMO DAY poster

During the event, demonstrators prepared by the winners of the MedTech-Athon final will be presented. The competition jury selected these projects as projects with the most significant development potential and the most excellent chance of success in the commercialization process.

Open call for the Open Science competition

Published: 15/02/2023

The photo shows a hand on the keyboard.

Applications for funding in the fourth edition of the Open Science programme can be submitted from 15 February 2023 until funds allocated for the given year are exhausted.  

Best Paper: results of the third competition

Published: 13/02/2023

The photo shows a small group of people in a library.

In the third edition of the competition, the 30 best scientific papers will receive funding.

Satisfaction at WUT - 3rd edition of the survey

Published: 13/02/2023

The photo shows two men.

[Uptade: The survey is available until March 3rd, 2023.] Complete the survey sent to all WUT employees via email on February 3rd, and help us improve the university. 

Learning in virtual reality

Published: 09/02/2023

Students during the “Shaping Public Space” class

The use of VR in education facilitates the development of creativity and spatial imagination, as well as remote work in an international team. The team of PW employees has decided to use a wide range of VR applications in teaching, creating the GeoSpatial Virtual Reality & Planning AR Laboratory.

Enhancement of professional competence – a new programme to be launched

Published: 09/02/2023

The photo shows a group of people

We would like to welcome young and able students working scientifically at the Warsaw University of Technology to participate in a new programme implemented as part of the professional development system for PW employees! 

AIR-LEADER: results

Published: 08/02/2023

The photo shows hands on the keyboard

In the competition, one project will receive funding.

Summary of 2022

Published: 09/01/2023

The photo shows 3 men.

What happened last year?

The sports classes for WUT employees

Published: 02/01/2023

a schedule

We invite you to participate in sports activities that are 100% subsidized by the Warsaw University of Technology under the Excellence Initiative – Research University Programme. 


Published: 30/11/2022

The photo shows a microscope.

The closing date for applications in the first stage is 20 December 2022.

Open call for the Best Paper competition

Published: 28/11/2022

The photo shows 3 people in the library

In the third edition of the competition, the call for applications lasts until 9 December 2022.

This project will facilitate the creation of a high-resolution land cover map for the entire world

Published: 07/11/2022

From the left: Przemysław Kupidura, PhD, DSc, Associate Professor; Anna Płatek-Żak, MSc; Artur Nowakowski, DSc; Oskar Graszka, MSc.

Experts from three WUT faculties are developing an automatic method of global land cover/land use classification for forests and development. Researchers are to conduct tests in five areas located in various parts of the globe to demonstrate the possibilities of the devised solution. Their project is implemented under the BEYOND POB II grant.

State award for the chairperson of Priority Research Center Cybersecurity and Data Science

Published: 07/11/2022

Krzysztof Szczypiorski

By decree of the President of the Republic of Poland issued on 14 December 2021, Krzysztof Szczypiorski, PhD, DSc, Associate Professor was awarded the Silver Cross of Merit for his contribution to the development of science. The awarding ceremony took place on 4 October 2022 in the Main Building of the Warsaw University of Technology.

Application to help battle alcohol addiction

Published: 07/11/2022

Screenshots from the application

WUT scientists are working on a mobile app that will support alcohol abuse therapy. The project is implemented as part of the SzIR-3 competition for research grants.

Catalogs with cooperation proposal

Published: 04/11/2022

The photo shows a microscope.

Center for Innovation and Technology Transfer Management CZIiTT has prepared catalogs presenting research teams of three Priority Research Centers.

WUT at the head of a project investigating hate speech and fake news

Published: 28/10/2022

Photo of the man who is reading information on the tablet

Researchers will focus on two areas: gender equality and public health

Information is power

Published: 20/10/2022

The photo shows vehicles on the highway

If you have information, you can effectively manage any ICT system, including transport. This assumption was used by the WUT researchers, who are developing proprietary methods of information quality assessment based on uncertainty modeling within the BEYOND POB grant. The implemented project is a joint effort of experts in transport, IT and telecommunications. 

The concept of new tests

Published: 20/10/2022

The photo shows the test cartridge

There has been unflagging interest in quick biotests and biosensors. It became evident during the coronavirus pandemic. Mariusz Pietrzak, PhD, DSc, Associate Professor at the Faculty of Chemistry at WUT is working on devising new types of tests.

A new concept of a fuel cell

Published: 30/08/2022

Distribution before and after using turbulising elements, Mass transport enhancement in a direct formic acid fuel cell with a novel channel design, Jałowiecka et al., 2022,

What springs to your mind when you hear “fuel of the future”? Hydrogen. And how about formic acid? Scientists from the Faculty of Chemical and Process Engineering at WUT are developing a fuel cell powered by formic acid with high stability and increased efficiency.

New technological solutions for electromobility

Published: 30/08/2022

From left: Maciej Marczewski, DSc; Aleksandra Ossowska, BSc; Maciej Smoliński, MSc.

A team of researchers from the Faculty of Chemistry at the Warsaw University of Technology developed composite materials which will facilitate the creation of a new generation lithium-sulfur cell. The research was financed under the IDUB research grant.