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Report from the KONIK 20th Anniversary Student Gala

The KONIK 20th Anniversary Student Gala is behind us. During the event, students from polytechnic student research groups presented the effects of their work on projects implemented under the Rector's Grants.

The student during his presentation.

In the auditorium at Rectorska 4, fifteen student research groups that received the Rector's Grant in 2022 showed off what they had managed to create, what they had learned and what challenges they encountered while implementing their projects.

The Gala was attended by, among others: Vice-Rector for Development prof. Adam Woźniak, Vice-Rector for Research prof. Mariusz Malinowski, Vice-Rector for Student Affairs prof. Robert Zalewski, Head of the Project Management Team "Excellence Initiative - Research University" at WUT prof. Małgorzata Lewandowska and the Heads of Priority Research Areas – prof. Zbigniew Brzózka and prof. Tomasz Woliński.