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Simultaneous measurement of breath, heart rate and physical activity

At the Faculty of Mechatronics at the WUT, a Pneumonitor was created, which allows to monitor the frequency and depth of breathing and also to associate these with the variability of the heart rhythm or the physical activity of the examined person. This is the first such "mobile" solution designed for long-term observation.

Marcel Młyńczak, PhD Eng

Marcel Młyńczak, PhD Eng

The development of the device was coordinated by Marcel Młyńczak, PhD Eng, who studies and analyzes physiological signals, in particular respiration. He has been working on the Pneumonitor since his university studies. – As a member of the scientific circle, I participated in a meeting with doctors of various specializations in one of the Warsaw hospitals. We discussed their needs. At that time, I prepared notes, to which I returned at the stage of choosing my bachelor’s thesis – recalls the researcher. "My thesis supervisor and I discussed how some of these ideas could be implemented. Pneumonitor is, in a way, the fruit of this conversation. Later, I developed the device and analytical methods in my master's thesis and as part of my doctorate – he adds.

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