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We know the winners of DemoDay as part of the Tech-Athon 2023 competition!

Published: 21/06/2024

Participants of DemoDay at the Centre for Advanced Materials and Technologies CEZAMAT WUT

The final stage of work on the technological solutions that Warsaw University of Technology doctoral students came up with has passed! A prize of PLN 120,000 for further idea development was awarded to a project using simple tools and gamification to help with respiratory therapy, created by the pd meds team.

How apply for a patent?

Published: 17/05/2024

Michał Wojasiński, PhD

Interview with Michał Wojasiński, PhD, from the Faculty of Chemical and Process Engineering of the Warsaw University of Technology.

ERC grant for a researcher from WUT

Published: 12/04/2024

Prof. Thomas Skotnicki

Prof. Thomas Skotnicki has been awarded a prestigious ERC Advanced grant

What kind of WUT campus? Open, coherent, flexible, promoting cooperation and diversity

Published: 12/04/2024

Photo shows a group of people.

For five days of intensive workshop work, more than 200 people discussed and drew possible visions for the spatial development of the Warsaw University of Technology campus. The results of the workshop are now being compiled by designers from the KAMPUS.PW team and the most likely scenarios for the transformation of the buildings and areas of the Warsaw University of Technology will be presented.

Virtual reality supports research on UAV magnetic launcher prototype

Published: 28/02/2024

UAV magnetic launcher prototype

Between 2011 and 2014, Professor Krzysztof Sibilski and his research team developed a prototype of an innovative launcher for unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs) that uses passive magnetic suspension. Continuing this work, his daughter, Anna Sibilska-Mroziewicz, Ph.D., under the supervision of Professor Edyta Ładyżyńska-Kozdraś, is defending her doctoral degree and co-designing a virtual model of the launcher, increasing the chance of its popularisation.

Research to better understand the process of arterial overgrowth

Published: 31/01/2024

Dr Krzysztof Wojtas

WUT researchers’ idea will help to estimate the risk and rate of arterial overgrowth and the risk of haemolysis in coronary artery disease. The project assumes the creation of three-dimensional models based on CT data, reflecting the geometries of the arteries.

Virtual reality used in rehabilitation

Published: 31/01/2024

A screenshot from the application.

As part of the CyberSummer@WUT-3 competition, Stanislaw Tabisz, a student at the Faculty of Mathematics and Information Science of the Warsaw University of Technology, prepared a piece of VR software used in therapy for people with intellectual disabilities.

Researchers work on improving the precision of positioning

Published: 15/12/2023

Spirent GSS9000 GNSS signal generator

Is it possible to prevent signal interference, which impacts the quality of positioning autonomous cars, among other things? Scientists at the Warsaw University of Technology have been working on such solutions.

Our scientists’ idea to improve epidermal sensors

Published: 24/11/2023

A tattoo that monitors a patient's health? It may sound exotic, but not for the scientists from the Faculty of Chemistry of the Warsaw University of Technology, who worked on the development of a reference electrode for an 'electronic tattoo', i.e. a non-invasive analytical device with sensors placed on its surface, as part of the BIOTECHEMED-2 grant.

Scientists and Journalists Speed Dating

Published: 22/11/2023

Photo shows 3 people.

First, they practiced appearing in front of the camera, then they met with journalists to tell them about their research within 7 minutes. Polytechnic scientists took part in the first edition of Scientists and Journalists Speed Dating at the Warsaw University of Technology, which took place on November 16.

WUT research results in the Scientific Reports journal

Published: 08/11/2023

Ground-level mechanical design of the prosthesis made in the Solidwork program, which is the basis for a prosthesis prototype

An article with the results of the work of the research team of Dr Witold Rządkowski was published in a prestigious journal that covers all fields of natural sciences. The scientists carried out their project under the BIOTECHMED-2: Start research grant.

WUT researcher with the Scientist of the Future award

Published: 08/11/2023

The award winners

During the 8th Smart Development Forum in Uniejów, Dr Artur Kasprzak from the Faculty of Chemistry, working on Magnetic nanoadsorbents comprising sumanene for the selective and effective removal of caesium salts from aqueous solutions or organic wastes, received the Scientist of the Future award for his research.

Report from the KONIK 20th Anniversary Student Gala

Published: 08/11/2023

The student during his presentation.

The KONIK 20th Anniversary Student Gala is behind us. During the event, students from polytechnic student research groups presented the effects of their work on projects implemented under the Rector's Grants.

The survey of satisfaction among WUT employees

Published: 07/11/2023


We would like to invite you to take part in the 4th edition of the survey of mutual satisfaction with cooperation among WUT employees. The survey is carried out as a part of the “Excellence Initiative – Research University” programme implemented at the Warsaw University of Technology.

LOP InTeCh was established

Published: 25/09/2023

Signatories of the new agreement.

A new Local Project Division is being established - LOP InTeCH, covering the Faculty of Chemistry and the Faculty of Chemical and Process Engineering. The appointment agreement was signed on September 21st.

Work on the application of the dialogic system in CBT therapy

Published: 15/09/2023

The photo shows the Terabot and a patient.

Professor Artur Janicki uses artificial intelligence methods to support mental illness therapy. His project is carried out as part of a POB SzIR research grant.

How to protect home devices against data interception?

Published: 15/09/2023

Professor Piotr Bilski and Bartosz Kościug, MSc.

As part of the POB CyberDS research grant, experts from the Faculty of Electronics and Information Technology of PW focused on devising methods to prevent attacks on the Internet of Things infrastructure aimed at data interception or shutting down network nodes by exhausting their power sources.

The second stage of the expansion of the Project Management Network has started

Published: 31/07/2023

The photo of a group of people.

Further units of Local Project Divisions (LOPs) are under way.

Students explore the possibility of reusing aggregates from ceramic waste

Published: 17/07/2023

Students during work.

Most often, when talking about recycled aggregate in the context of concrete technology, we mean a typical orange brick used, for example, to erect walls. Students from the Płock Branch of the Warsaw University of Technology undertook to investigate the properties of recycled concrete composed of sanitary ceramic cullet. The project is implemented as part of the Rector's grant for student research groups.

A unique laboratory in Poland is under way in the Main Building of the Warsaw University of Technology

Published: 17/07/2023

Tests of the IMSGEO system wall stands

The Displacement and Deformation Monitoring Laboratory is a teaching infrastructure that will be used by students to perform measurements of horizontal displacement testing and deflection modelling, and to acquire the ability to use terrestrial laser scanning in displacement research, among other things. The laboratory is being constructed as part of a teacher grant.

A new laboratory awaits students

Published: 17/07/2023

The laboratory interior

The Sanitary Installations Laboratory was established at the Faculty of Building Services, Hydro and Environmental Engineering of the Warsaw University of Technology. It will enable students to acquire practical skills related to the design of water supply and sewage systems. The laboratory was established as part of the implementation of a teacher grant.

A course on fibre optic sensors for structural condition monitoring and biomedical measurements

Published: 17/07/2023

Faculty of Physics

Experts from the Faculty of Physics and the Faculty of Electronics and Information Technology conducted a series of training sessions on the technology of using fibre optic sensors to monitor composite structures. The course was run as part of the DEMO-Center competition.

The Faculty of Mechatronics runs training courses as part of the DEMO-Center

Published: 17/07/2023

Fourier Ptychographic microscope

Experts from the Faculty of Mechatronics PW provide courses for companies, medical centres, and research institutes on the use of the latest devices for quantitative phase imaging at the cellular level. The project is implemented as part of the DEMO-Center competition.

POSTDOC PW IV: results

Published: 28/06/2023

The photo shows hand on the keyboard.

In the competition, 16 projects will receive funding.

Work on the methods of optimal control methods for multibody and robotic systems

Published: 26/05/2023

A robot on which physical experiments were performed.

As part of the POB AIR research grant, a team of researchers from WUT focused on the development and then implementation of effective methods for modelling and optimal control of multibody systems.