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Summary of 2022

What happened last year?

The photo shows 3 men.

In 2022 we announced nearly 20 competitions for different types of grants, including the second edition of Mobility PW (funding for 38 internships), two editions of POST DOC (funding for 18 projects) and the LAB-TECH of Excellence competition (funding for 4 grants).

The past year was a time of intensive research work. Scientists worked on the solutions for cardiology utilising … a cucumber and reprogramming probiotic yeast so that its extracellular vesicles could become an enteral drug carrier, among other things.

In spring pilot Local Design Divisions (LOP) were formed at WUT, which aim to support persons applying for funding for projects from external sources. Currently, there are two operating: LOP Physics and LOP South. Extension of the pilot programme is planned for spring 2023.

The IDUB for Ukraine programme was launched in April. It is targeted at Ukrainian citizens who had to leave the territory of their country due to war and Polish citizens who were employed in research units in Ukraine or the Russian Federation and had to return home. 17 applications from 8 faculties are funded as part of the programme.

May saw the final of MedTech-Athon, which is a competition aiming to work out a concept of practical solutions or demonstrators in the field of medicine by doctoral students at the Warsaw University of Technology. Awards in the competition were co-financed by PR Biotechnology and Biomedical Engineering.

With the beginning of a new academic year, individual studies for Olympiad laureates were launched. In the academic year 2022/23, 14 participants who commenced studies at 4 faculties have been recruited.

2022 saw big and (literally) small things. Small things can refer to the Nanoscribe Photonic Professional GT2 printer's printouts, allowing us to create three-dimensional objects in extremely high resolution. The purchase of the device was financed as part of the equipment grant under the IDUB programme.

Throughout all year WUT doctoral students willingly took advantage of the mobility support programme. As many as 86 mobilities were financed in 2022!

Plans for 2023

The end of 2022 was the end of the first half of the “Excellence Initiative – Research University” programme implemented at the Warsaw University of Technology. This means that in a few months’ time WUT’s activities will receive a midterm evaluation.