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Launch of Local Project Departments

New organizational units were formally established on March 17th, 2022.

The picture shows people who are signing the agreement.

The main objective of activities D06 and D30 of the EIRU program (IDUB) at Warsaw University of Technology, under which Local Project Departments (LOP) were established, is a thorough modernization of the support system for the preparation and implementation of research projects, with particular emphasis on international projects. The Project Service System, created as a result of cooperation between COP (Project Service Center) and LOPs, is intended to shift the centre of gravity of administrative support from product quality control (application for co-financing) to process quality assurance, combined with the elimination of all activities unnecessarily burdening the project team.

In the long term, the Project Management System leads to a situation in which the project will be treated as a business opportunity for the university, and the project manager will receive maximum support from the organization.

What is LOP?

The Local Project Department (LOP) is a place of direct support for project leaders, including assistance in non-substantive areas - budgeting, business analysis, risk assessment. The LOP will complement the activities of the COP to support project managers and relieve them of the administrative activities.

In the first place two units were established: LOP Fizyka (LOP Physics) and LOP Południe (LOP South). They will provide services related to administrative support for employees of four WUT faculties: Physics (LOP Physics), Mechatronics, Automotive and Construction Machinery Engineering, and Mechanical and Industrial Engineering (LOP South).