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WUT at the head of a project investigating hate speech and fake news

Researchers will focus on two areas: gender equality and public health

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Source: pixabay

An international team of scientists will take a closer look at social media messages that lead to social divisions. Researchers will analyse available data and propose solutions to the problem. The project is led by Prof. Katarzyna Budzyńska from the Faculty of Administration and Social Sciences of the Warsaw University of Technology.

Researchers will analyse textual data for strategies related to the use of ethos, pathos, and framing techniques. They will also propose new tools: a methodology for large-scale trust analytics to detect default patterns and trends in hate speech and fake news, as well as empirical approaches to how these patterns affect the polarisation of online communication and society as a whole. The researchers will also present possible interventions against hate speech, fake news and polarisation. They will be aided by artificial intelligence.

The iTRUST project is the result of the team’s work on another project – Con2Con (“From controversy to consensus: an analysis of conflict in online public discourse”), financed through the “Excellence Initiative - Research University” programme at the Warsaw University of Technology (the CyberiADa-2 competition).

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