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State award for the chairperson of Priority Research Center Cybersecurity and Data Science

By decree of the President of the Republic of Poland issued on 14 December 2021, Krzysztof Szczypiorski, PhD, DSc, Associate Professor was awarded the Silver Cross of Merit for his contribution to the development of science. The awarding ceremony took place on 4 October 2022 in the Main Building of the Warsaw University of Technology.

Krzysztof Szczypiorski

Krzysztof Szczypiorski is a professor at the Warsaw University of Technology. He is the head and co-founder of the Cybersecurity Division at the Institute of Telecommunications at the Faculty of Electronics and Information Technology of WUT.

His research interests include new methods of phenomenon observation, especially in communication and social networks, medicine, and stock exchange, new algorithms in cybersecurity (network steganography and steganalysis, anomaly detection, and fraud management), exploring cybercrimes through digital forensics, and design of advanced intelligence systems.