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Reasearch grants

The application deadline has expired. Thank you for 226 submitted applications.

The application deadline has expired.

Number of submitted applications:

  • BIOTECHMED-2 (Biotechnology and Biomedical Engineering) - 38 applications
  • CyberiADa-2 (Cybersecurity and Data Science) - 20  applications
  • ENERGYTECH-2 (Energy Conversion and Storage) - 57 applications
  • FOTECH-2 (Photonic Technologies) - 17 applications
  • FWEiTE-2 (High Energy Physics and Experimental Techniques) - 7 applications
  • SzIR-2 (Artificial Intelligence and Robotics) - 15 applications
  • Technologie Materiałowe-2 (Materials Technologies) - 72 applications

The lists of applications declared as eligible for funding (including the Applicant’s name and surname, the Applicant’s faculty, the project title and the amount of funding) shall be published on the website within a month following the deadline set for submitting applications.