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Our scientists ranked on the World’s TOP 2% Scientists 2019 list

Prof. Małgorzata Lewandowska, IDUB project team leader, and scientists connected with the Research Centres ranked among two percent of the world’s most-cited scientists.

Phot. KFF Focus

Phot. KFF Focus

World’s TOP 2% Scientists is a list published by PLOS Biology Journal that is prepared by the Stanford University in cooperation with the Elsevier publishing company and SciTech Strategies. 

The list includes almost 160,000 scientists from all over the world. Poland and its 726 scientists ranked 27th on the list. The Warsaw University of Technology is 3rd with 42 scientists ranked on the list.

The TOP 2% 2019 is based on scientific achievements of the academics measured by the bibliometric index. The evaluation criteria were the H-index, total citations (including self-citations), the impact factor, as well as place and role on authorship lists. To this end, an analyst team from the Stanford University, Elsevier and SciTech Strategies used an algorithm with 6 differently weighted parameters. The algorithm promotes single, first and last authored papers. 

A list of all recognized scientists is available at The list of recognized WUT scientists is available on