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Information is power

If you have information, you can effectively manage any ICT system, including transport. This assumption was used by the WUT researchers, who are developing proprietary methods of information quality assessment based on uncertainty modeling within the BEYOND POB grant. The implemented project is a joint effort of experts in transport, IT and telecommunications. 

The photo shows vehicles on the highway

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The uncertainty model is multi-dimensional.  In their project, WUT researchers are following the guidelines of the MTIIQ program (Massachusetts Institute of Technology Information Quality Program), which includes as many as sixteen guidelines. “We have split uncertainty modeling, which describes dependent and independent elements, into two layers: the co-efficient layer and dimension layer,” says Marek Stawowy, DSc from the Faculty of Transport at WUT, head of the project. “What is crucial, each coefficient may be multi-dimensional. The model is general, and the dimensions are selected depending on what we use it for,” he adds.

Information may be sent via different routes. Stages of information (generation, collection, storage, processing, forwarding, sharing and interpretation) and quality dimensions facilitate the creation of a more complex universal model. “The model may be infinitely developed. Stock exchange operations are an example of how it can be used, e.g. the PLN rate changes, and the model allows us to find out why this is happening, or the system facilitates finding a loophole in the model; we don’t know what’s behind this situation, we are missing an element and we should think what is missing, and then expand the model by adding this missing element,” explains Dr Stawowy.

In the next stage of work, researchers are planning to apply a self-learning neural network to detect the weakest components of an exemplary ICT transport system using the created uncertainty model. “We must prepare the data which will allow the network to learn,” says Tomasz Mrozek, MSc, from the Faculty of Electronics and Information Technology at WUT. “We will collect the data from Google Maps, among other things.”

“The application of uncertainty modeling techniques with feedback and the use of artificial intelligence will enable us to improve the level of the system information quality through the improvement of the information quality of the weakest elements, which in turn will lead to the improvement in the traffic safety,” says Dr Stawowy.


The project “Use of uncertainty modeling for management of information quality in ICT transport systems” is financed within the BEYOND POB grant under the programme “Excellence Initiative – Research University” implemented at the Warsaw University of Technology.

Research team:
Marek Stawowy, DSc; Krzysztof Perlicki, PhD, DSc, Associate Professor; Tomasz Mrozek, MSc.