Research University - Warsaw University of Technology

Best Paper IV

The Best Paper programme awarding authors of best scientific publications in a given year, affiliated with the Warsaw University of Technology.

The following proposals shall be eligible for the Best Paper programme:

  1. Papers published in journals with 200 points, full-text conference papers published in conference materials for 200 points, and scientific monographs published in level 2 publishing houses (200 points) according to the current lists of the Ministry of Science and Higher Education (lists are published on the IDUB project website), whose authors indicated the affiliation with the Warsaw University of Technology and authorised the Warsaw University of Technology to list the publication as an achievement in the statement for evaluation purposes, referred to in Article 265, section 13 of the Law on Higher Education.
  2. Publications fulfilling the condition referred to in sub-item 1 and registered in the repository of the Warsaw University of Technology – Base of Knowledge.

Publications shall be qualified for the Best Paper programme automatically, based on the report generated from the PW Base of Knowledge.

The allowance shall be paid by April in a given year and shall include the previous year's publications. In 2023, the allowance shall be paid by the end of December and include 2022 publications.