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Priority Research

Photonic Technologies will be focused on design and manufacturing of optical components and novel photonic materials as well on the development of innovative technologies and measurement methods.

Artificial Intelligence and Robotics - the goal its own companion robot dedicated for caring for elderly persons.

Cybersecurity and Data Science will be focused on creating synergies between sub-areas, in particular between cybersecurity and BSDS and AML. 

Biotechnology and Biomedical Engineering will develop broadly understood biotechnology and biomedical engineering, in particular, will be focused on the development of new diagnostic methods, as well as new effective forms of therapy of civilization diseases, especially in the domain of oncology and cardiology.

Materials Technologies will be conducting research on such topics as nanomaterials, additive technologies, semiconductor materials and technologies for the photonics, microelectronics and the Internet of Things or new materials with complex chemical composition and/or structure, which can make it possible to achieve a breakthrough. 

High Energy Physics and Experimental Techniques and nuclear collision physics, plasma physics, quantum computers, their electronic, programming, mechanical, construction experimental techniques.

Energy Conversion and Storage relates in particular to issues in the area of batteries, fuel cells, power electronic converters, photovoltaics, and solar energy.